Do it yourself: Create an eye-catching look in your home with this branch lamp

first foot

Martin begins with the base of the lamp. It must be very strong, because the trunks are very heavy. Make a box measuring 40 x 40 x 50 cm.

Step 1: To begin with, the boards should be flaky. The metric saw is a bit neater, because you can’t see the top side of the wood. Make two 45-degree cuts so that they are 90 degrees together.

Step 2: It is difficult to connect the two panels together manually. Fortunately, Martin has an easy trick for this! Lay the two boards with the outside sides against each other, so you can see a V-shape at the bottom. Then stick a piece of strong tape over it.

If you flip everything upside down after that, the planks lay neatly against each other. Then drip some wood glue between them and push the boards against each other so they can stay upright. Now you can easily etch the panels together!

advice: Always pre-drill if you have a miter cut.

Step 3: Repeat this step until you have a box with four sides. Also cut three square panels of wood. One for the bottom and 2 later in the process.

Sixth step: Place the branches in the container and draw a circle around the trunks. Draw it a little wider, because the branch is also expanding and so you still have some slack.

Seventh step: Cut out the circles you created with the saw.

advice: To start cutting, it is best to first cut a hole in the center of your circle using a large drill bit. Martine uses a 1 cm drill bit for this.

The bottom tier shelf is now finished. But you will need another one for the layer above. Make a matching shelf with the same holes, just a little bigger. I saw him again!

Step 8: Screw the top shelf almost completely to the top. This way the branches won’t be able to go anywhere.

Sanding, painting and spraying

Now that the foundation is in place, the lamp still needs to be nicely decorated.

Step 1: Put some sand in the container to add more weight. If you notice that there is still some movement in the branches, additionally secure them with pieces and boards of wood on top.

The fourth step: Then of course you have to put the bulbs! Martine uses jute rope, but of course you can also use something else. To connect the lights, all you need is a fitting, a wire, a plug and a bulb. Turn all lamps over.

And then there was light!

to win!

Do you also want such a unique lamp, but find it difficult to make it yourself? Or do you not know, for example, where to get beautiful twigs? Then I have good news, because we are giving away this beautiful lamp! You can read here how you can participate.

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