Do you feel good after passing or getting little sleep? It’s because of this

You probably know that feeling: You’ve barely slept or even stayed up all night and suddenly you feel so good. How could that be possible? This seems explainable.

Well, to start. Our sleep is sacred. A good night’s sleep works wonders, and a healthy sleep pattern is linked to a whole host of health benefits. So it’s best to make sure you close your eyes for enough hours every night.

Nice feeling, despite the lack of sleep

However, it may happen sometimes in your life that you get very little sleep, or no sleep at all. Because of a crying baby, a very early flight, brain anxiety, or if you danced until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, despite the sleep deprivation, you don’t feel bad at all.

He. She Scientific journal research He writes about a study from the United States. The researchers looked at the brains of mice that had been awake for twelve hours. And what happened there? The reward area of ​​the brain suddenly became more active twelve hours later. This leads to the production of more dopamine, a substance that gives a pleasant feeling. Not only do mice get this boost after twelve hours without sleep, people experience it too.

Dopamine boost after a late night

Why does this happen? When we have a short or no sleep, our brain gets a hit of dopamine. This is not without reason and is intended to make us extra alert. Such as: “You haven’t slept much, so pay attention.” So, if after a night of partying you think, “Hey, I feel really good,” that might be true.

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Now, of course, scientists advise against regularly staying up all night. But we experience a rush of dopamine when we are awake for twelve hours. However, this boost is short-lived. You may also be aware of the massive blow of exhaustion that will follow later.

Short and sweet

Sleep deprivation is still harmful to humans. So just make sure you get enough sleep. If you feel good for a while after getting some sleep, that’s right. However, this orgasm is short and strong.

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