Do you have an internal defibrillator? Don’t carry an iPhone 12 in your pocket

The new iPhone and its wireless charging accessories contain magnets that can interfere with the operation of the internal defibrillator. This holds true for many devices, as Miriam Hoiken knows, she’s been wearing an ICD for seven years. “When you put a magnet on your ICD, it automatically sends out an alarm signal. This is a protective mechanism,” she told EditieNL.

“I have had a blast several times. Like in a supermarket in France: I stood there for a very long time between the gates at the exit. I also slept once with the iPad cover on my chest. I also found a magnet in it.”

Home monitoring

Miriam uses a home monitoring system, which means her ICD is connected to a cupboard beside her bed. “The device picks up signals from an implantable cardioverter and defibrillator every day. Suppose I have had an abnormal heart rhythm today and I haven’t noticed it, my implantable cardiologist sends a signal to the device, and sends it to my cardiologist. He can then call Me directly. “

Therefore, she is not too concerned about new phones. It is on alert with other devices. It does not cook on induction dishes, for example, because it contains electromagnetic radiation. “Also at festivals I make sure I’m not too close to the speakers, these professional speakers.”

Distress in the sick

According to LUMC cardiologist Leselot Van Irfen, malfunctions of ICDs are caused by the electromagnetic radiation from the devices. “All ICDs and ICDs are sensitive to this. So if you approach the magnet, the arrhythmia repair function is inactive.” This could cause problems. “There is a lot of concern among the patients, and a lot of people have contacted us about this.”

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In addition to the new iPhone, according to Van Erven, there are several devices that heart patients with ICD can better stay away from. “Like induction plates, or rotating electrical devices, like a drill. These are devices that generate a magnetic field.”

Apple now proposes Users with a pacemaker or internal defibrillator must keep at least 6 inches (15 cm) between the pacemaker, iPhone 12 and the MagSafe accessory to be safe. For iPhone 12 models that charge wirelessly, Apple recommends a minimum distance of 12 inches from the pacemaker.

The warning applies to iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. MagSafeAccessories and MagSafe Chargers and MagSafe Duo.

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