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Third Football District cIt will be without wind for all amateur teams in the coming period. The competition was halted on Monday, and all attention could now be directed to the next season. Almost everyone thinks eliminating the competition more than makes sense. You also hear from the SV Ingelmunster third-party provider.

“It’s more than just a rational decision,” says Frances Vandeboot, president of SV Ingelmunster. “Ending half of the competition does not immediately seem like a correct solution to me, and if the competition continued, the uncertainty would have remained. The reboot seemed pointless to me. Everyone’s health comes first, both athletic and supportive. At least we now have some perspective to work on. For next season. For our A and B team. “

Three new arrivals

The mathematical cell has not settled on its laurels in recent weeks. “We actually hired Joost Malfait a few weeks ago to succeed Ronnie Goemaere, who will retire as coach. Of course Joost knows the house and fits perfectly with the photo. On top of that, we can actually report three newcomers: Dylan Vens coming back from Meulebeke, and Thibaut Maes from Diksmuide. And Quentin Vaneeckhoute will come from Jong Zulte. “

Of course we also hope that our fans will soon find their way to our stadium. With an average of 350 spectators, we are of course very satisfied, because football in Engelmunster is alive and well. So we remain true to our vision of “Ingelmunsterse”.

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The second team

SV Ingelmunster also started this season with Team B. “This was mainly for the youth,” says Vandeboot. “We want every young soccer player to play with us and a perfect second team for that. Moreover, the intention is also to allow our better youth to move to the first team. In District 4, they might have to pay some tuition fees, but our young kids will keep growing.” .

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