“It looks cool, but at the same time it’s terrifying.”

For the first time in years, Apple has introduced an entirely new product: Apple Vision Pro. What should we remember? Sam Feys, Deputy Editor-in-Chief the morning And tech enthusiasts, follow the keynote.


It has already been leaked that Apple will come with glasses. What can we do about it?

Feys: “What really caught my eye during the show were the glasses, Apple Vision Pro. They’re ‘mixed reality’ glasses where your environment is mixed with all sorts of digital components, like apps and video images. Apps seem to float in front of your eyes on the big screens.

“These images can also fill your entire field of view. If you choose to do so, you can isolate yourself from the real world and just see a virtual environment, with a simple button rotation, when watching a movie, for example.”

what does it look like

The design reminds me of most oversized ski goggles. The Vision Pro attaches to the wearer’s head with a soft strap and cable and is powered by an external battery that lasts two hours. .

picture of an apple

Admittedly, it could have been a lot worse. But you also see that this is only the first version of a product that has undoubtedly been worked on for a long time. Apple’s dream image, of course, will be glasses that look like the ones I wear, but the technology is not yet that far.

How it works?

“Everything seems calm black mirror-Likes. You cannot operate the glasses with a remote control or controller, but with your eyes, hands and voice. I used to only get something like this in movies like Single player ready And Minority Report Visible.”

What can you actually do with it that you can’t do with an iPhone or other smartphone?

“This is an interesting question and also my biggest concern. Because you can use it to view photos and movies, surf the Internet, FaceTime, create and view presentations. These are all things you can do with an iPhone or iPad. So what do these glasses add? Actually only you can open these Experience and experience it all more and closer to you.

So the glasses still lack a ‘killer app’, which is something you can only do with glasses like this. That’s my biggest concern. Right now, it seems like glasses are primarily intended for media experiences, albeit in an amazing way. For example, Apple could also focus more on gaming, making such glasses more accessible to a large audience.

null Image of an apple

picture of an apple

“There are still some possibilities imaginable, for which they would look primarily at app developers. For example, I am currently in the process of renovating. I think it would be interesting to discover our new kitchen almost in this way, before we actually have to pay thousands And then it gets interesting, but the technology to make that possible hasn’t yet been made available in these glasses.

“On the train or on the plane, I like to isolate myself from my surroundings to watch a movie. It looks delicious, but also terrifying at the same time. And not only because the conductor can appear out of nowhere in your field of vision. In fact, I would not use such a function there ” .

What do you think, will this work?

“To be honest, it’s hard to appreciate. You have to experience this kind of device yourself to really understand it. Insert yourself Virtual Reality If you play a game, you will never understand that it can also be a very interesting social activity.

“It all feels very much like the future because we’ve seen it in sci-fi series and movies too. During the show, Apple talked for a long time about these glasses as a tour de force of art. And it certainly will be. But most of what Apple showed was one person staring at a giant TV screen One or more through these spectacles. Is this the future then? And does that make for a large audience? That remains to be seen.”

null Image of an apple

picture of an apple

It’s also very expensive… $3,499.

“This is really a bit of a bitch. Rumor has it that it’s $3,000. In its first iteration, this isn’t going to be a mass product anyway, and that probably isn’t the intention. I wouldn’t buy it now either. Like I said, I’m in the middle of a remake. (He laughs)

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