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With Bare Butt Boxing from developer Tuatara Games, you’re completely naked in the ring. Right now, the title is in Early Access and you can start online for a few rounds of combat. Unfortunately, we didn’t face any human opponents and it was just fighting against bots.

These bots didn’t immediately provide the best challenge either, so we were always at the top of the leaderboards. Unfortunately, that also got in the way of the fun of the game. Boxing is done with a mouse, with the left and right mouse buttons also controlling your fists. Your goal is not just to cause as much damage as possible.

No, you need to bring opponents to a number of suction holes by giving them a good blow. If the opponent is too close to such a hole, they will be sucked in and you will win a point. If you fall into a hole yourself, another point will be deducted from you. The round never lasts long and the winner is the one with the most points at the end. It’s also funny that you score a point if you touched an enemy for a while, but didn’t immediately drive him into a hole.

At the end of the match, you will receive coins that you can spend on new costumes and gadgets for your character. This way you can personalize to your own taste, although you are limited in the number of options you are presented with. The controls are very tight and don’t work smoothly. Moreover, tracking achievements is also not entirely correct, because for a time of 5 minutes we got 4 hours of trophy and 20 hours of playing time.

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