Nancy Pelosi’s computer is still missing after searching …

FBI agents have not recovered the laptop of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, from the Harrisburg woman accused of theft. The laptop was stolen during a storming of the Capitol earlier this month.

Riley Williams, 22, was charged last week with theft and a failed attempt to pass the laptop over to Russian security services. This happened after I posted a video on the social media platform Discord that was created at the Pelosi Pavilion. In it, she clearly warned passers-by not to touch the laptop without gloves. Soon after, she openly admitted online that she was in possession of the laptop.

After two days of the charges, Williams gave in to authorities, but the laptop’s location has remained a mystery ever since. Williams’ home and car were thoroughly searched, but there was no sign of the laptop. Her lawyer AJ Kramer stated this on Tuesday. It is also not certain whether the computer was in possession.

Attention is now drawn to Williams ‘ex-boyfriend, who reported to the FBI to investigate Williams’ impact. He is said to have posted the evidence himself on Williams’ accounts.

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