Does chocolate really cause pimples or is it just a myth?

Chocolate is delicious, but it has a bad reputation when it comes to pimples. Many people blame the sweet treat when they have a pimple. But is this really true?

Science has been pondering this issue for decades. So it’s still not entirely clear if chocolate is the cause of pimples. Fortunately, enough studies have been done that have provided useful information.

Look for chocolate and pimples

It concluded in 1969 Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that the sweet treat does not cause pimples. Recent studies think about this completely differently.

A little research from the University of Miami in 2014 showed that young people prone to acne are more likely to develop pimples if they eat chocolate. also study from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand from 2016 gave the same result.

difficult to achieve

Before you go crazy and throw all your chocolate out of the house: There are some hurdles to this outcome. Both studies had a small test group consisting of only men. Scientists chose this because women can get pimples more quickly due to hormonal fluctuations. This makes the link between chocolate and pimples more difficult to research.

Squeeze the pimple
Just squeeze (Photo: Pexels/Anna Nekrashevich)

It’s hard to verify this link anyway. This is what dermatologist Francis Wu of the Utrecht Dermatological Center tells us on research. Chocolate is often grouped together, but it is difficult to standardize. Mars has a completely different texture than Swiss chocolate. And Belgian chocolate is different from dark chocolate.”

In addition, you cannot separate eating chocolate from the rest of your lifestyle and diet. For example, stress and hormones can also contribute to pimples.

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Watch out for carbs and fats

However, your diet affects your skin. According to Lu, milk and protein play a role in the appearance of pimples. But pasta, cakes, white rice and fast food also contribute to the development of acne. This is mainly due to the unhealthy carbohydrates and saturated fats these meals contain. Carbohydrates activate certain hormones that can cause inflammation in the skin.

A chocolate bar or bonbon contains carbohydrates and milk (powder), so you may get pimples after eating chocolate. You cannot conclude that chocolate is the direct cause of this.

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