Pop a balloon in the highest and quietest room in the world (video)

Release the balloons.

Our Belgian politicians are world champions in this. They are usually quickly pierced, accompanied by a blunt explosion that never reaches the population. Even silence all around.

Speaking of silence, what if you blew up a balloon in one of the quietest rooms in the world? the so-called anechoic chamber; This is a chamber specially designed to absorb almost all sounds and echoes. These chambers are typically used for acoustic studies, sound reduction experiments, and testing of acoustic products.

The opposite is the echo chamber, which is a special chamber designed to create maximum reflection of sound waves. This makes it appear as if the sound continues to propagate through space, even after the sound source has stopped. It’s a bit like your wife’s voice when you let go of the toilet seat again.

Below is a video by science enthusiast James Orgill from the YouTube channel work labpopping balloons in the loudest and quietest rooms in the 3M Innovation Center.

An experience pulled out of nowhere for a change.

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