The Secure AI Framework helps secure AI models against hackers

Google has launched its own Secure AI Framework. With this, the tech giant wants to help companies better protect their AI models against hackers.

Specifically, the Secure AI Framework (SAIF) should help secure neural networks so that hackers cannot simply steal learning data or AI model code. Even when sabotage is the goal, AI must protect better. Google has its recommendations in one a report ejaculate.

SAIF wants Google to improve cybersecurity in AI for business in six points. Some of these are suggestions for better policy:

  1. In the first case, SAIF requests better alignment of existing cybersecurity with artificial intelligence, including software against SQL injection. In such attacks, hackers send fake commands to a database to steal data.
  1. In addition, Google’s new program wants to focus on potential threats. Proactively searching for potentially harmful AI content should become more important. Administrators are required to implement new procedures and not just rely on legacy security systems.
  1. Moreover, it is also an option to enable AI to simplify complex tasks. AI can help detect and understand malware or suspicious code. Google points out that programmers always have to take final exams.
  1. Also recommended: Coordinate controls across the different platforms your company uses. It can help protect AI applications more efficiently.
  1. AI systems can make themselves safer by continuing to learn at a good pace and staying up to date. So they need adequate feedback.
  1. Finally, SAIF recommends a type of risk analysis, which examines systemic risks when a company wants to deploy AI.

Safe AI framework guards

Additionally, Google has incorporated a number of tips into its SAIF. For example, security teams would do well to identify exactly which AI systems are being used by AI personnel and to develop a standard method for dealing with them.

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