Trump leads DeSantis in opinion polls despite new lawsuit | outside

About 61 percent of Republican voters currently would vote for Trump, according to a CBS News poll. His closest pursuer, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, won 23 percent of the vote. Former US Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina came in second, with 4 percent each, and the other candidates had lower numbers.

Interestingly, the poll was conducted after it was announced that Trump may have mishandled White House documents and accused him of obstruction of justice. So the poll shows that Trump has solidified his support among Republicans, even though he has become the first former president ever to be charged with federal crimes.

In a previous poll conducted at the end of April, Trump had 59 percent of the vote, and DeSantis could count on 24 percent. Since then, DeSantis has officially launched his 2024 campaign with Pence, Scott, and a number of other candidates.

Trump’s supporters widely believe he is the victim of a “witch hunt” waged by political opponents to prevent him from returning to the White House. The Republican himself also asserts that the complaints against him are “baseless”.

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