Does Europe miss the boat? in Nieuwsuur Harderwijk

DrHistorian and former history educator Lake Mulder of Harderwijk will present Nieuwsuur Harderwijk’s second show of the new season on Tuesday evening, October 19 at the Centrum de Zin, with the theme “Is Europe Missing the Boat?”

Within an hour, Lake Mulder updates his fans on current events. This time, Europe’s place in the world is central

Because while the eyes of the whole world were on Afghanistan, a stunning international agreement was being prepared behind the scenes.

On September 15, exactly one month after the fall of Kabul, came the announcement of AUKUS, a security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. In particular, AUKUS targets the People’s Republic of China, which claims the South China Sea. France is angry, not only because of the canceled submarine order worth 40 billion euros, but also because the country has significant interests in the Indian Ocean and has not been invited to participate.

What are the consequences of the university for the European Union? Why has the EU been so openly bypassed and ignored? Does ‘Europe’ still mean something international? tough questions. On October 19, we’re looking for answers. And there they are!

At Nieuwsuur Harderwijk we look at current events from a historical perspective

Perspective and trying to understand what is really going on now and what could happen in the near future in this part of the world. And: You can ask questions!

The Nieuwsuur starts at 8 am at the Centrum de Zin at 32 Stationslaan and is, as always, free.

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