Hans Herbütz will be shooting Heyzeldrama … from the catacombs …

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Director Hans Herbots, 51, will direct a film about the Heysel drama, in which 39 football fans died after being run over in the stands of Heysel Stadium. “It’s going to be a major international production,” says producer Hans Everert.

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Although the Heysel drama dates back to May 29, 1985, the greatest disaster in Belgian football history suddenly appears on the radar of fantasy makers once again. Production house De Mensen is working on a series for VTM about the drama, but Menuetto also has big plans on the table. “Lode Desmet has really come a long way with a feature film script of what happened that fateful evening at Heysel in Brussels,” says Hans Everaert, Menuetto producer. “As a Documentary Filmmaker, Lode was filmed in 2005 Requiem for the Cup Final. So he has done a lot of research on this topic and has a great deal of knowledge in this field. But to be clear: In the movie we have in mind, we follow fictional characters and from them we tell the story. In order to preserve historical perspective, we want to mix in original photos from that time.”

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Hans Herbots, who in recent years has gained a lot of experience in international production such as Serpent Riviera employment CobraThe movie will come out. We are also working with foreign producers, probably from Italy and the United Kingdom, the countries that participated in the drama. (The European Cup 1 final between Liverpool and Juventus was in red). This means that in addition to the Belgian actors, actors from those countries will also play. By the way, everyone will speak their own language. ”

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The approach of the film promises to be special: “We will not tell the story from the stands, but from the catacombs under the stadium. This is where everything finally came together. The wounded arrived, aid was coordinated there and political decisions were made there.” If all goes according to plan, Everaert and the Herbots hope they can shoot the movie in 2023.

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