Does it matter if semen comes from the freezer with IVF?

Is the chance of artificial fertilization higher if the sperm cells are fresh and not come from the freezer? No, says this research.

If you don’t get pregnant and get help and you can — in theory, because not everyone has that choice — between sperm that has just been produced or sperm from the fridge, you might be thinking: the fresher the better.

But after extensive study of more than 5,000 rounds of IVF, a Harvard researcher has now come to the conclusion that the quality is equal.

In the study, they looked at the course and success of fertilization with both fresh and thawed sperm (which, of course, were collected and stored according to the latest safety requirements), and adjusted for differences in treatment, such as additional ovarian stimulation. .

They found only a small difference in a group of patients who took certain medications, and saw that the frozen semen could take a little longer for the women to become pregnant. But in terms of average success (medium, because yes: everyone’s situation is different) it shouldn’t matter.

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