Don’t miss any news from the Tour de France: turn on Tour notifications in the Sporza | app Tour of France

Do you want to follow all the Tour de France news closely? Then you have come to the right place at Sporza. To ensure you don’t miss anything, we recommend turning on tour notifications in our app. This way you will receive a push message containing all the news from the tour. We’ll briefly explain exactly how to do this.

1) Open Settings

Open the Sporza app and tap on the icon at the top left to open Settings.

2) Click on “Notifications”

In the Settings menu, select Notifications to choose which messages you want to receive.

3) Click on “Competitions”

To turn on Tour de France notifications, select “Competitions” and then select Tour de France.

4) Want to customize more?

Of course, you can customize our push notifications to your personal preferences. You can do this by selecting “Workout” in your notifications. You can then choose which sports you would like to receive notifications for.

Are you also a football fan? Did you know that you can also receive push notifications from your favorite football team? You can do this by tapping on “Teams” in the notifications and then selecting your preferred club.

5) Do you only receive the most important news?

Don’t want to receive personalized notifications, but want to stay informed of the most important news in the world of sports?

Then make sure “General Sports News” is turned on in your notification settings. This way you only receive a push message containing the most important sports news.

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