The major update for Windows 11 is available starting September 26

The Windows 11 update includes support for RAR, Copilot AI, a faster Explorer, an improved Paint app, and more.

Traditionally, Microsoft releases a major Windows 11 update to all users at the end of the year, as well as several minor updates throughout the year. Starting September 26, Windows 11 23H2 will be rolled out systematically to all users.

Throughout the year, Microsoft tests various Windows 11 updates with Windows Insiders (beta testers) to identify bugs in new features at an early stage. All the “news” to these testers has already been published at some point. As of September 26, the rest of Windows 11 users can start using it. We go to the most important items.

Copilot AI on Windows

The biggest innovation in Windows 11 23H2 is undoubtedly the integration of Copilot, the AI ​​assistant that can help you look up settings in Windows 11 or answer your question via Bing Chat.

Copilot is located behind the Win+C keyboard shortcut and can interact with open windows on your computer. Microsoft has created a helpful video with some options where you can ask Copilot for help.

It has been known for some time that Paint is getting a major upgrade to become relevant again as an image program. In Windows 11 23H2, you can use the AI ​​functions of the latest version of Dall-E 3 and can now edit images in layers. The program can now also remove the background automatically.

File Explorer has been revamped in this update with improved address bar, search, and new media gallery display. Microsoft is also adding compatibility for RAR files for the first time. This means you no longer need to install WinRAR on your computer.

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Snipping Tool just got smarter with the new update. The program can now recognize text in the selection window, so you can copy its contents to a word processor. You can now also create videos with audio while recording your screen. For example, you can easily demo a new function or program and explain it to someone in a video

Outlook for Windows

The Mail app in Windows 11 is relegated to eternal hunting grounds: From now on we’ll only talk about Outlook. The version built into the operating system is called Outlook for Windows and is available to everyone for free.

The mail tool supports multiple accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and of course Microsoft’s own addresses. You can easily add photos and documents in Onedrive without having to leave the app.

Smarter notebook and better backups

Even Notepad is getting some love from Microsoft in the Windows 11 23H2 update. Once you open Notepad, Windows 11 instantly saves everything you do in it. If you close the application without saving it, the text will simply appear when you start the application. You can work in tabs to take quick notes, if you’re a Notepad fan.

Finally, Microsoft confirms that Windows Backup works better than ever with the new update. This now makes it easier to move to a new Windows 11 PC. Everything from your files, apps, and settings are automatically transferred to the new device.

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Update quickly…or not?

According to Microsoft, this is the biggest Windows 11 update to date with more than 150 new features and improvements. All these goodies will be available starting September 26, when Windows 11 23H2 will be released to the general public as a major update.

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Although many Windows Insiders have already thoroughly tested most of the functionality, it’s often helpful to have some patience. This wouldn’t be the first time that a lot of bugs have been in the news in the following weeks after a major update.

If you find it difficult to wait, we always recommend backing up your system if you join early. You never know…

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