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Waberer’s, the often retaliatory Hungarian transport company, changed its pay system on August 1. This means, among other things, that drivers receive the same wages every day, including Sundays and public holidays. Earlier it was less.

As of August 1, a driver at Waberer’s earns 30,000 Hungarian forints (about 75 euros) a day. That pay applies to international drivers who do not drive to the United Kingdom and who do not drive ADR transport. Waberer’s says this in an online video.

Drivers driving to the United Kingdom receive around €85 per day plus an additional €37 for crossing the Channel.

Economical driving is at Waberer. Demonstrably frugal driving yields around 1.25 euros per litre. Many kilometers are also driven, because the kilometer bonus (over a certain threshold) is 20 forints or 0.05 euros.

Anyone who drives long distances on Vapers can earn quite a bit. For example, if a driver drives abroad for 23 days and visits the United Kingdom 3 times, the driver will receive a net 775,000 Hungarian forints (1,936 euros) if the driver exceeds his kilometer limit by 2,000 km.

An exclusively British transporter can earn up to 1 million forints (over 2,500 euros) a month. To illustrate: the average monthly wage in Hungary is 936 euros.

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