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Swedish pre-selection Melodifestivalan Finished after the usual six broadcasts. Of the 28 entries, 12 were selected for the final, of which eight were decided by international jurors and the Swedish public.

This was discussed in detail Farewell to Christer Birkman. He represented Sweden at the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest, but most importantly, has been the mastermind behind the Swedish pre-selection for almost two decades. Beijergman will leave after this edition to launch the American Eurovision Song Contest, which could begin next year.

Professional juries in France, Albania, Iceland, Israel, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Cyprus and the Netherlands gave half the verdict. Fifty percent of home visitors vote by application and telephone. All eight spectators gave their twelve points to the winner Duss, Who has already won the jury vote. Notable: Like last year, Totter finished one spot and one point below The Mamas. Full results can be found in the table below.

# Participants) No. Jury The audience Total Location
7 Dassie Voices 79 96 175 1
10 Eric Sade Every minute 69 49 118 2
4 The Uncles In the middle 50 56 106 3
11 Daughter Little Todd 57 48 105 4
9 Clara Klingenstrom You do not need it today 39 52 91 5
2 Clara Hammastrom Best for broken hearts 43 36 79 6
1 Danny Saceto Dandy dances 39 35 74 7
6 Charlotte Bareilly Still young 32 28 60 8
12 Heirs Not going home 22 22 44 9
8 Alvaro Star Dance Dance 7 19 26 10
3 Anton Ewalt The new religion 9 16 25 11
5 Paul Ray Missing piece 18 7 25 12
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