THQ Nordic & Alkimia Interactive is developing a new version of the Gothic style

THQ Nordic has revealed that it has launched a new studio with Alkimia Interactive With the aim of issuing a new edition of GothicFor those who may not be familiar with the franchise, Gothic It was a great RPG series with many games in the 2000’s. Although developers and publishers acted many times, THQ Nordic had a hand in some of these titles and eventually took over the series in 2011 after the last submission (Arcania: Gothic 4It did explode a bit in 2010. Since then, the series has been delayed for a decade and only previous titles have been re-released. That all changed this week when the company unveiled new development studios set up in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The company is currently hiring people to handle the new game, so don’t expect to see anything new about it in the coming years. However, it’s nice to see the franchise coming back to life. Here are some details from the team about what will happen.

The main motto of THQ Nordic’s new Alkimia Interactive studio.

In the summer of 2020, the studio began operations and began assembling a team of passionate RPG developers. Since then, the studio has set up an office in the heart of Barcelona. The team is constantly growing and is still looking for developers to join the family. The team’s focus and ambition is to build high-quality RPGs, as their first project was to fully develop Gothic Remake for the next generation of PCs and consoles. Development is underway and the first results of all the team’s hard work will be revealed over the next two months.

He said, “We aim to build Alkimia Interactive as a first class RPG studio” Duim Reinhard, Studio Head at Alkimia Interactive. “Our ambition is to become one of the best games for developing base games for PC / console in southern Europe.”

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