Dustin Hoffman is selling a true cinematic legend!

Rain Man (1988) is perhaps one of the greatest cinematic works of the ’80s: legendary actors (Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise), a road trip across the United States and a hitherto undiscussed topic: autism. Delicate theme brilliantly presented by the talented Dustin Hoffman.

Looks like Dustin Hoffman had a thing for a third star in the movie: the 1949 Buick Roadmaster. He bought one of the two copies used in the movie and kept it for 34 years! Dustin Hoffman admits, “The Buick has been in storage for so long, it should be cherished, appreciated, and cherished.”

2 gears8 cmelindenssen 150 s

The Buick Roadmaster, of which 8,095 was built, is the heir to a long line of first-class cars that the brand has built since the 1930s. In the program: elegance, exceptional equipment and power! Under the hood is a long, eight-line engine producing 150 hp and connected to an automatic gearbox with … 2 gearboxes. This allowed the luxury convertible to reach a top speed of 180 km / h!

If the car is of interest to you, know that it will be auctioned by Bonhams during their “Scotsdale Auction” on February 27, 2022. Bonhams The value is estimated at 130,000 to 220,000 euros.

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