Temperatures are rising with us, but they are worse in Spain. In addition, they get low desert sand

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Spain will have to deal with temperatures of 40 degrees and possibly more locally. And by the end of the week, another storm of desert sand will be pouring on them. But there’s little chance that sand will eventually reach us.

Temperatures are rising with us. On Wednesday we will get to 28 degrees in a lot of places and we may reach 30 degrees in some places. But temperatures in Spain are much higher. In the Andalusian region they go to temperatures of 35 degrees. “In the summer, they’re used to something there, but it’s a big shift. Spring has started poorly there and it’s exceptional for May,” says Nicholas Rose of Noodweer Benelux. On Friday and Saturday, temperatures will reach 40 degrees or more. There are even weather models that indicate 42 degrees. That’s great this time of year.”

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However, they are not talking about a heat wave in Spain. The requirements for a heat wave in Spain are different from ours.

Desert sands

In addition to the high temperatures, they will also have to deal with the sands of the Sahara Desert in Spain. A phenomenon we also had to deal with in March. Remember the layers of fabric on cars. “The the dust, the number of micrograms per square meter goes to very high values ​​there. At zero, there is no dust. On Saturday, they’re talking about 6000 micrograms per square metre. This is very high. “Much higher than what we’ve seen in our country,” Ross says.

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The desert sands may not reach us. “Then the airflow should be southerly enough. It will probably freeze over central France. The chance of getting to the Benelux is very slim.”

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According to Rose, the Spanish heat won’t reach us either. This is due to the chances of a thunderstorm that we see at the end of the week. “We see an opportunity for thunderstorms Thursday morning and possibly Friday. And that can cause problems if they are very severe. Due to the prolonged drought, a lot of water is simply falling over the ground.”


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