Dutch animal shelter can't believe their eyes: 184 animals dumped on their doorstep at once | the animals

“We are speechless,” the Flappus shelter in Zwolle told the story on Facebook today. “Yesterday afternoon, founder Karl made a heartbreaking discovery when he returned home. The yard and nearby pastures were full of dumped animals. There were many open boxes.

“We immediately called in a group of volunteers to help catch these cuties. We worked for hours to rescue them. It turned out to contain 96 guinea pigs, 21 chickens, 12 roosters and 55 rabbits. Among them were mothers with their babies, uncastrated bears and rams, and countless animals.” Pregnant women. They are all characterized by fungi, bite marks and other injuries. When all the mothers give birth, we will have to take care of at least 400 animals in total.

“How can people do this!” he looked puzzled. “We also cannot and never want to become accustomed to this animal suffering.”

Owner Karl Weithar told the Afghan National Police that he had never experienced such a huge dump before. “We are now trying to find a place for all the animals and we will succeed,” he says. “But this is really crazy.”

Whitehair does not rule out that the breeder may have disposed of the animals. The shelter still has to go to the police. “We'll go to the police, but first let's organize everything here.”

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