Dutch car driver forgets to put car in park: fined 100 euros after strong winds hit the car | outside

A motorist in Alkmaar, Netherlands, was fined after a storm blew his car out of a parking lot. The car was accidentally not in P position correctly. As a result, the car stopped in a place where parking is not permitted. Passing parking attendants issued a fine of more than 100 euros.

The person concerned objected to the fine, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office apparently did not take into account the arguments and supported the fine. The prosecutor also maintained this position in court: When inspectors found the car, the car was in an unauthorized place. The victim showed photos and images from the surveillance camera of a nearby gym that the wind was actually what moved the car.

After all, when the driver left his car, he was in a legal parking space, but without putting his car in park. There were gusty winds that day (wind force 8) and as a result the car blew out of the parking lot, next to another car and a pole, into a place where you are not allowed to park your car.

The judge eventually ruled in favor of the motorist and the invocation of force majeure followed. It found that issuing the fine in these circumstances was “unfair” and acquitted the driver.

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