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tape – The First Line Region South East Rand Antwerp (ELZ ZORA) organized a networking event for everyone who is professionally or voluntarily committed to greater health and well-being in Boechout, Borsbeek, Edegem, Hove, Kontich, Lint and Mortsel.

During the event, the “24-26” policy plan was launched at the AED studios in Lint and they explained what plans exist and what they want to focus on.

Mark, Frank and Anne from the improvisation company Inspinazie have successfully brought needs and ambitions to life.

Ben de Wit, staff member at the non-profit organization ELZ ZORA: “Through our network we want to coordinate care and social care delivery based on local care and support needs, with the aim of improving the quality of healthcare.”

“In recent years, frontline areas have become known mainly for the role they played during the Covid vaccination campaign.”

“In 2024, we want to go beyond our coronavirus image and take the first steps in our mission; together with the ELZ ZORA network, we are evolving towards high-quality, coordinated, accessible and tailored care, with sufficient attention to prevention and its impact on the environment.

“It was the perfect start to bring together all the strong players from our ELZ and provide an answer to the greatest care and support needs in our primary care area.”

“Coronavirus has put ELZ ZORA on the map, but it also presents a limited picture of ELZ ZORA’s mission and ambitions.”

“On the one hand, coronavirus has ensured that other care and support needs in the community have been neglected and not or barely included.”

“On the other hand, this has created connections between local authorities, social care organizations and healthcare providers.”

“Organizational interests have been put aside and everything has been done for a common goal: containing the Covid pandemic.”

“A strong culture of collaboration has been an important key in the results-oriented fight against Covid, of which the high vaccination rate at ELZ ZORA has been an important indicator.”

“Beyond 2023, we want to continue to surf the coronavirus outreach and community wave to meet other care and support needs in our ELZ.”

“In 2023 we updated our environmental analysis, which provides insight into the current situation.”

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“What care and support needs exist now and what developments do we need to respond to in the next three years?”

“Environmental analysis serves as a compass, indicating where we should best focus our efforts in the policy plan.”

here You can view the environmental analysis and policy plan 2024-2026. (M/Photos by Elz Zora)

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