Dutch politicians disappointed with in-depth video chat

Dutch politicians have learned their first lesson on this subject Deep Video Dangers. to me EN Times On volkrantIt would be foolish for the Dutch Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs to video-contact someone using fake technology to impersonate Russian opposition leader Leonid Volkov (above) Van Alexei Navalny Foreman.

The name of the perpetrator was not mentioned, but this is not the first incident. The same traitor held talks with politicians from Latvia and Ukraine and spoke with political figures in Estonia, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

The House of Representatives said in a statement that it was “disturbed” by the in-depth talks and sought ways to prevent such incidents.

There doesn’t seem to be any long-term damage from the fake video call. However, this explains the damage that can be caused by in-depth conversations with politicians. A mischievous person can embarrass officials, while a pro-government actor can mislead governments into making bad policy decisions and alienating their allies. Rigorous screening procedures may be required to discover deep errors and ensure that each participant is genuine.

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