Western countries’ sports ministers demand the complete exclusion of Russia and Belarus from international federations

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Sports ministers from 35 Western countries issued a joint statement calling for the complete exclusion of Russia, Belarus and their officials from international federations.

source: BELGA

This relates to many countries of the European Union, including Belgium, as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan and the United States. The European Union countries are absent from Bulgaria and Hungary, as well as China, India and countries in Latin America and Africa.

After the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine, all kinds of suspensions were already imposed on Russia and Belarus. For example, both countries were not allowed to participate in the Paralympic Games in the Chinese capital, Beijing, and were suspended by many international sports federations. In football, the Russian national team is no longer allowed to play in international matches, and Russian clubs are also banned from participating in European competitions.

On the other hand, the membership of the Russian Football Association was not suspended and Russian officials were able to retain their seats in the main sports bodies. For example, Federal President Alexander Dyukov, who is also a top man of the state-owned Gazprom, is still a member of UEFA’s Executive Committee. To push matters even further, the Russians submitted their candidacy for the 2028 and 2032 European Championships, despite the suspended suspension. There are also two voting members from the Russian Federation on the IOC.

Western countries now want to put an end to this and ask both countries to impose complete exclusion. They also called on sports organizations to stop broadcasting sports matches in Russia and Belarus.

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