Dyson doing housework while you’re lying on the couch

Dyson gives us a glimpse into the future, where the house is being run by robots while you relax on the sofa.

Currently in Philadelphia finds International Conference on Robotics and Automation place. The Dyson brand is on its way for the future of robotics in our home.

Where we know Dyson primarily from vacuum cleaners and fans, the brand’s clever minds are already looking much further. Of course they already offer robotic vacuum cleaners, but the brand wants more. The ambition is high and the development of an autonomous domestic robot assistant is in full swing. The brand will showcase the latest developments in Dyson’s robotics in a movie during the conference.

We see robot hands picking up things like stuffed animals and dishes and the IKEA chair is handled by a robot so you can sit without crumbs. Dyson really takes it to the next level and develops a lot of technology that goes a step further than a robotic vacuum cleaner.

research and development

Dyson’s R&D department is working overtime. A budget of €3.2 billion is available for investment in new technologies, products and facilities. At least €706 million of this will be invested in 2022 alone.

Dyson robots

For all of these developments, Dyson needs a lot of bright minds. The British-born company is on track to create the UK’s largest and most advanced robotics center. They will bring the technology developed there to your living room this decade.

They have already recruited about 2,000 people, including engineers, scientists and programmers. They are looking for more, because only 700 intelligent men and women should be added in the next five years.

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Dyson robots

These new recruits will work at Hullavington Airfield, where a number of hangars have been secretly converted into research and development centers, in laboratories near London and at headquarters in Singapore.

We hope they find the brains needed soon! Because who wouldn’t want to get bogged down in chains on the couch while robots ensure all that annoying housework is done. So wait a few more years. Until then, we’ll have to make do with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

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