EA Sports announces a new name for FIFA

According to a journalist, EA Sports has set its sights on a new name for the FIFA series, and is therefore unwilling to pay $2.5 billion (€2.2 billion) to continue the FIFA name.

“EA Sports Football Club, EA Sports FC, that’s the name of the game,” says journalist Jeff Grob.

Since their inception in 1994, EA Sports’ iconic football franchise has been named FIFA, as they have been able to share the name with football’s international governing body.

FIFA asked for $2.5 billion

Several reports have stated that FIFA has requested $2.5 billion (€2.2 billion) from EA Sports to keep the branding deal going. As a result, EA Sports have confirmed that they are considering rebranding their popular franchise to something else and dropping the FIFA name.

EA Sports has settled on a new FIFA name, according to journalist Jeff Grubb. “I’ve seen brands of it, and I think it could just be a new addition to FIFA 23, like the online mode. I asked around, but that’s the new name.”

The EA FC brand is instantly recognizable to longtime fans of the FIFA franchise as this name has been used before. The name was used in FIFA 15 when EA introduced an in-game social platform so you could see your friends’ activity. It was even used in the game catalog name.

While it appears that EA is determined to drop the FIFA name, it is possible that the link between the two will somehow remain because it will be difficult for old fans to stop using the name.

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The new name will probably only be active in 2024

There is no definitive point at which EA will introduce the new name, and with leakers claiming that FIFA 23 will include a World Cup mode, they must use the FIFA branding there. So it could be 2024 before the franchise takes on a new name.

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