The Multisportclub Gantoise proposes a new residence in Ghent

Hockey and paddle are very popular in our country. “A few years ago, the hockey club had about 500 members, and now there are already 1,800 members. This makes it one of the largest hockey clubs in the country,” said Hockey Club President Rogge. In addition, the club has another 650 members in tennis and 600 members in tennis rackets. Henri Dunantlaan’s current sports complex has become too small to allow all 3,000 members to exercise as much as possible.

“After seven years of work, the big moment has come,” said Fabrice Rogge. “With four full hockey fields, we belong to the absolute top in Belgium in terms of area. The field in our Gantoise Hockey Arena is the same as that of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. This is perfect for our national team to allow the field to become normal.” The club even had a stadium built around the stadium where about 2,500 fans could cheer Gantoise.

In addition, eleven tennis courts were built: six indoors and five outdoors. Players can enjoy themselves in six stadiums. Additional regions may be added in the future.

“Our job is to get as many people as possible to exercise on our sports grounds,” Rogge says. “We hope to increase to 4,500 members in time.”

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