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Efteling wants to make Holle Bolle Gijs the popular “waste eater” more sustainable. Now all the waste ends up in the same place, but the Dutch theme park is striving to separate PET bottles and cans separately. This is why Efteling organizes a challenge that anyone with a creative solution can participate in.

“We want to be able to recycle 100 percent of our PET bottles and bottles,” says Director Linda Hoffmans in a promotional video. “This is partly implemented by a machine through which visitors can have a deposit for their PET bottles. But we know from European partners that this happens quite often in theme parks.” This is why the park wants an additional initiative, a new “trash” sorting system in Holle Bolle Gijs.

So Efteling is looking for a “post-waste separation technology”. Hence, it is not intended for the visitor to recycle PET bottles from other waste. The waste separator in the back of the Holle Bolle Gijs should do the job.

Creative minds who have a solution to the problem can register via the Innovation Program website Dynamic sound. Efteling will provide a budget for the first ‘model’. “If this was successful with Holle Bolle Gijs, it could be expanded to the other 10 Gijzen.

A terrifying video in February showed how Holle Bolle Gijs was no longer receiving food from visitors due to the pandemic, and Efteling staff had to feed them.

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