Elon Musk wants to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it as rocket fuel

SpaceX rockets, including the new Falcon 9, use kerosene as fuel like all other space rockets. As with normal compounds, carbon dioxide is released during combustion. The emission of matter and its increase in its concentration in the atmosphere is one of the main causes of climate change and global warming. It is not yet clear how he intends to convert carbon dioxide into fuel for his rockets.

Musk recently announced the XPrize Carbon Removal Program, releasing $100 million (€87 million) to scientists and students who want to research and develop ways to remove carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into another, cleaner substance.

The billionaire, founder of electric car brand Tesla and space company SpaceX, was awarded Time Person of the Year yesterday. Time describes Musk as “a clown, a genius, an attention seeker, a visionary, an industrialist and a showman.”

His candidacy leads not only to applause, but also to severe criticism. Musk’s stance on taxes and unions, in particular, has kept critics out of sight. His net worth is estimated to be around $300 billion (266 billion euros), making him the richest person on earth, while according to research, he has paid just over 3 percent in taxes in recent years.

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