Energy Crisis • Liz Truss is the new British Prime Minister


Unrest in Europe due to energy prices

After a week of decline, gas prices have now rebounded. The reason: Russia has shut down the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline for too long. Officially the oil spill is supposed to be fixed, but European leaders think Russia is doing it mainly as a political means of pressure. And this is very worrying. Meanwhile, electricity prices are also rising.

To find a way, responsible European Commissioner Breton came today to talk to Energy Minister Jetton and Prime Minister Rutte. Economist Mathijs Bouman and European Union Correspondent Kizia Hexter Be in the studio and explain possible solutions. We talk to energy experts, Russia Correspondent Geert Groote Courcombe and the European Commissioner Thierry Breton.

Britain has a new prime minister

Liz Truss, 47, succeeded Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister of England and leader of the Conservative Party. He defeated his rival Rishi Sunak by over 21,000 votes.

In news hour A portrait of Truss, who faces a difficult task tonight: to lead the United Kingdom through economically difficult times. We’re talking to the reporter Fleur Launspach.

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