Environmental activists: Producers concealed the health risks of glyphosate | environment

In mid-October, member states will decide whether glyphosate will receive European approval for another ten years. In the period leading up to this admission, the producers were said to have manipulated scientific studies.

The Austrian organization Global 2000 announced in Vienna on Wednesday that it would file charges with the public prosecutor. It was also signed by the German Pesticide Action Network (PAN Germany) and other groups.

The company responds: “Bayer did not withhold or hide any scientific studies from the competent authorities.” “More than 1,500 studies were included in the approval process. The EU authorities concluded that glyphosate does not pose a health risk and does not cause cancer when used correctly.

In July, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published a study that found no unreasonable risks. The Financial Regulatory Authority noted data gaps. As a result, it was unable to provide a definitive answer regarding, for example, the health of consumers when consuming it, or the risks to aquatic plants.

According to the organizations, research shows that glyphosate poses health risks. The pesticide may have an effect on the nervous system and cause an increased risk of cancer.

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