Erdogan wants to change the international name from Turkey to Turkey

What might play a role in the decision is the fact that Turkey English means “Turkey”. TRT World explains that association with the bird could damage the country’s reputation. The Cambridge Dictionary says that the name of the bird can also refer to “something hopelessly unsuccessful” or “a stupid or insane person”.

The name change proposal was made in December by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He argued that “Turkey,” as the Turks themselves call their country, “better represents our culture, our population, and our values.”

It was not immediately clear what the status of this announcement was, but it now appears that Erdogan has a wide following. For example, the Turkish Foreign Ministry uses the Turkish name in English, as do some embassies.

According to its own website, the Turkish Embassy in Paris now calls itself the “Embassy of Turkey in Paris”, and not the Turkish Embassy, ​​as it used to be. The embassy in Berlin calls itself “Botschaft der Republik Türkiye”, and is no longer from Turkey. However, the embassy in Rome is still the “Ambasciata della Repubblica di Turchia”. The embassy in The Hague does not have a Dutch website, everything is in English (and Turkish).

made in Turkey

President Erdoğan called on Turkish export-goods manufacturers to put “Made in Turkey” on their products from now on. The Turkish Exporters Association said it would follow up on the matter. The Turkish government has informed the United Nations that it wants to change the name there as well. This may have practical problems with the “ü”.

The President’s Information Service launched a public campaign last week to introduce the new international brand. In one of the films, tourists from different parts of the world say the greeting “Hello Türkiye”.