Erica Vleek: “We don’t know what the delta variation will lead to …

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Based on the explanations of some experts, including UZA epidemiologist Erica Vleek, the mayors based their decision not to allow Tomorrowland to happen to some extent. He explains that the unpredictable impact of the delta variation is that they think their vision at mass festivals for this summer has not yet changed.

“We have not instructed the mayors of anything specific to Tomorrowland,” says Erica Vleek. “We pointed them out for advice on mass festivals that we published in February. We explained to them that we are still standing behind that advice this summer. We think this is still the beginning for mass festivals.”

The main culprit is the delta variant, formerly known as the Indian variant. “The existence of this variation is rapidly increasing in Belgium and other countries such as Portugal and the United Kingdom,” Wleck explains. “We do not know what it will lead to. All people need to be vaccinated this summer. The World Health Organization also recommends caution.”

“A mass festival is a gathering of large numbers of people from different countries. These are situations where viruses can be transmitted, so we consider them dangerous.”

The question then is why Buccaneer Pop can continue. The festival is one week earlier on the calendar than tomorrow: August 19th to 22nd. Shouldn’t the advice of experts be the same? “Our advice doesn’t apply to a particular mass festival, but it does apply to all of them,” Vleek says. anro

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