Xerox study: SMEs use automation, digitization and security to emerge from the pandemic stronger

64% of SMEs surveyed are optimistic about success in the post-pandemic era

Utrecht, June 17, 2021 – A year after the coronavirus outbreak, many small and medium-sized businesses are still struggling, but a new survey from Xerox (NYSE: XRX) shows 80 percent of these companies believe they will emerge from the pandemic Power through tasks and process automation. Additionally, last year, 85 percent of surveyed businesses relied more than ever on communications technologies, remote IT support, and security hardware and software, according to the survey.

Morning Consult conducted a survey of the status and fate of small and medium businesses. 1,200 decision makers from companies with 25 to 1,000 employees from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States participated.
Other important results:
82% say digitizing paperwork is important for companies to survive the pandemic
75% rely on workflow technologies more than they did before the pandemic
88% see security hardware and software that protects corporate data as an important solution for the future; 75% expect to upgrade existing solutions this year
65 percent say remote IT support was a major weakness; 74% expect to invest in better solutions this year
Respondents were optimistic: 64 percent expect to emerge from the pandemic stronger. 81 percent admit that the coronavirus crisis has made them more dependent on technology and expect to remain heavily dependent to continue to support and secure remote employees. Compared to last year, it increased 75 percent of its technology budget by an average of 34 percent.

Wilko van Beswegen, Managing Director of Xerox Holland: “SMEs are important to the Dutch economy and to sustainable economic growth. They need technologies tailored to them, accompanied by local service and support experts who understand their unique business needs.”

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Xerox offers a suite of small and medium business solutions that address the key technical needs of collaboration, communications, remote IT support, security, and automation.

Xerox Content Hub is a secure creative platform for remote employees. With the platform, they have independent access to professional document templates and can customize templates, print them locally, or use them digitally.

IT Services manages, maintains and supports the hybrid IT infrastructure and ensures that security solutions meet the specific requirements of SMEs.

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