“Especially in these times it is important to think about health.”

Maintaining resistance reduces your chance of getting sick. But working from home, closed gyms, and staying home advice make your lifestyle less active and less active.

We all stay more at home and that means less exercise. Curfew makes you seem obliged to sit on the sofa. Or could it be done differently?

Despite these measures, it is certain that adequate exercise can still be taken. Try to walk during the rest period, and if you have one, take the kids especially with you. It is also very important for them to get adequate exercise and go outside. This benefits the entire family atmosphere.

Many people get stiff from sitting indoors, which eventually leads to complaints in the back and neck. Try to do some stretches when you wake up to avoid this.

In addition to exercise, healthy eating is of course very important. Start your day well with fruit or a healthy breakfast without a lot of sugar. Then it ensures good soil with adequate nutrition rather than just filling.

Put a jug of water on the desk or table and serve healthy snacks. A bowl of light tomatoes on the table is also empty at the end of the day and of course, more nutritious than licorice.

In addition to healthy eating and exercise, mental health is also important. The procedures and the Coronavirus cause a lot of stress and tension in people. It can’t be taken away, but be positive and see the nice things in life.

If you need it, take a minute to yourself and do what makes you truly happy. Stress is the biggest cause of illness and no one can really help it.

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Hygienic tips for closing

– She walks every day. Find out about your neighborhood or drive to a place you haven’t visited before.
Search YouTube for the workout that works for you. There are hundreds of videos to be found. From vigorous exercise to a great ten-minute workout.
– Play your favorite music and dance alone or with family in the living room. Dancing is relaxing and gives a feeling of happiness.
Plan an evening out of TV, tablet, and computer free of the week anyway. Make time for a good book or puzzle, or go to bed early.
Try new (healthy) recipes.
Plan to change a healthy diet every week. For example, swap the nut butter for chocolate butter and try broccoli rice instead of white rice.
Find out if a gym or association also offers outdoor activities.

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