EU forces Amazon to make it easier to cancel Prime subscriptions

After consulting with the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities, Amazon has agreed to simplify the process of canceling its Prime subscription. The existing system is too cumbersome and illegal.

The earlier cancellation process consists of a few steps.

For example, the Norwegian consumer association Forbrukerrådet has found that consumers take many wrong actions (Dark shapes) if they wish to cancel their subscription. Thanks to a complaint from Forbrukerrådet and BEUC, the European consumer association, it’s now possible to cancel Prime with just two clicks.

The change came into effect on July 1 for residents of the European Union and the European Economic Area (Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland). According to The Guardian, the change will also be rolled out to users in the United Kingdom by the end of next month. As a representative told The Verge, “there are no changes to announce at this time,” and uncertainty remains at the U.S. branch.

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