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Every year the European Union spends about 60 million euros on advertising meat and dairy products. Whereas the official policy of the European Union is that we should eat less than this due to its impact on the climate. We asked through a survey: Do you think it’s okay for taxpayers to be paid for meat and dairy ads? Your voice sounds clear: this is not possible at all.

“Be beef”. This is what the latest EU-funded campaign to encourage eating red meat looks like. “Be a beef eater.” The English term “beefatarian” is a pun on the term “vegetarian” and other words associated with people who follow a vegetarian diet.

European politics is contradictory

These words and previous backed campaigns offend climate associations. For example, ProVeg, an organization committed to halving meat consumption by 2040, started a so-called “mass advertising”: Counter campaign paid by donations of EU citizens who support this initiative. The European Union believes we should eat less meat. At the same time, they spend your taxes on promotions that ask you to eat more meat. illogical!’

It was also described by various European media sources as remarkable that the European Union supports this type of advertising. “EU spends 252 million euros on advertising for meat and dairy products, despite green promises”, EUobserver addresses. euro news site He talks about a “controversial” campaign.

“Our tax money can be better spent’

People who took part in the survey are also skeptical of EU-funded campaigns for red meat and dairy products. The 94 percent of persuasive people say the meat and dairy sector should dig into their pockets to advertise their products. “Farmers are already getting enough support.”

And tax money for livestock farmers who want to stop working because of carbon dioxide? totally contradictory

Some of them indicate that they are generally bothered by many advertisements, while others believe that the European Commission should not be involved in advertising and commercial interests at all. “No EU money to advertise, but let everyone decide for themselves whether to eat meat/dairy or not!”


Tax money should inform and inform people, not to advertise or against something


Anyway, it’s absurd for the EU to announce something they don’t agree to… let alone using tax money for that

Calling to eat more meat? silly’

Others believe that promoting meat consumption is not responsible anyway. Some add that if taxpayers’ money is to be spent on influencing consumer behaviour, they would prefer to see that money is spent on reducing, not increasing, meat consumption among EU citizens. Almost everyone thinks the EU can use taxpayers’ money in better ways. “It’s better to use taxpayer money to get healthy food that is less harmful to the environment. Use it to prevent an unhealthy lifestyle.”


Too crazy for words! It has long been known that meat and animal dairy products are not a necessity for life. It would be better to drastically reduce VAT on really necessary and healthy food. So can they use this money directly


I suggest spending more taxpayer money on raising awareness of the impact of animal products

Many survey respondents also indicate that they were not aware of the fact that the EU supports meat and dairy campaigns.

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“We also have to think about farmers”

On the other hand, a minority of 6 percent think it is a good idea to advertise meat and dairy products with tax money. The most common argument here is: Eating meat and dairy is good for your health. “Meat and dairy are part of a healthy diet, according to Wheel 5.”


Everyone needs meat and dairy. They are healthy as long as – as with everything – they are used in moderation

Others believe mainly in the harsh working conditions of farmers. “Let’s not forget the farmers, they also have to earn a living.” Still others argue that plant-based products are promoted as well, as well as alcohol, sugar, tobacco, and other unhealthy foods.


More bad products, alcohol, things containing sugar, etc. are being advertised

This survey on meat advertisements was completed by 1,043 participants between August 3-17, 2021. Would you also like to be a part of Testpanel, and give Radar editors your opinion on products and other things? Register here.

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