Eufy launches the first video doorbell with two cameras, and here’s why

Eufy has launched the first video doorbell that comes with two cameras: one to see who’s ringing and the other to see what packages are on the floor. The Video Doorbell Dual is now on sale for €249 in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual. Video doorbell from iovi

Eufy has announced a new smart doorbell that monitors your packages. The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual comes with a QHD main camera that captures the person who rings the doorbell and a second Full HD sensor facing down. This way you can find out what type of package was delivered. The main camera takes pictures at an angle of 160 degrees.

The doorbell also has a so-called “delivery guard” function that literally warns you when someone wants to take your package. Your doorbell recognizes if a family member, friend, or stranger is holding your package. In the second case, you will receive a notification on the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual and can tackle the potential thief.

Security and HomeBase Report

The challenge when using security cameras is that as a user you often have to watch dozens of videos to find a particular event. The revamped Eufy app aims to solve this problem by sharing a daily safety report that can display videos captured by day or hour. Additionally, users can sort videos by time or event type, such as “Person” or “Package”.

As we’ve come to expect from Eufy, the brand prefers video images that are stored locally rather than via the cloud. This way, users own their photos themselves and you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee for your storage. The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual comes with a HomeBase 2 that has 16GB of storage. You cannot expand this storage. Moreover, the doorbell works wirelessly and can last for six months on a single charge. It supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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Buy Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual costs €249 and comes with HomeBase 2. It is now on sale in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Eufy Video Doorbell Dual. Video doorbell from iovicool blue€249

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