Not only “Hank the Tank”, but also two other Orcs responsible for looting in California | the animals

There was not a single bear, but three bears are said to have been behind food looting in Northern California and Nevada. In total, the police have already received more than 150 reports in the area. Previously, officers tried to chase “Hank the Tank” with paintball pistols, sirens and electric detonators, but without any success. The bear is much larger than his peers and is only happy to use this trait to his advantage. “He has learned to use his weight and strength to break into many homes,” said Peter Terra, a spokesperson for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Another bear from the trio smashed a house window on Friday and crept in while the residents were at home. The police arrived quickly and tried to scare the animal with loud noises, until the bear eventually left the house and retreated into the forest.

According to animal experts, bears are accustomed to human food and are no longer afraid of humans, but rather consider them as a source of food. The department will now attempt to capture bears in the Lake Tahoe area in order to collect genetic material. The animals will then be released back to the ‘appropriate habitat’. The organization assures that no bears will be euthanized.

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