European Film Academy opts for more inclusive governance –

The Board of Directors of the European Film Academy has unanimously decided to select new actors from fifteen regions of Europe starting this year. These regions, which all contain different countries, must ensure a fairer and more equal distribution of votes from all parts of Europe within the council. This is what the European Film Academy writes on its website.

For example, Scandinavia makes up a region, just like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. The Benelux, Baltic and Balkan countries are also among the fifteen regions.

The restructuring will take place in two stages, so that the board members who were elected to a two-year term in December last year can complete the two-year term. One of the existing board seats will also be made available to the “transnational representative”. The population groups eligible for this are currently Sami and Roma. By mutual agreement, the first mandate for this seat would be for an elected member of the Sami people, according to the Academy.

Mike Downey, president of the European Film Academy, says the changes help give voice to areas “that have been marginalized at times”. “The Academy will emerge stronger, more inclusive, and better for years to come,” Downey said.

Founded in 1988, the European Film Academy is an organization that aims to stimulate European cinema culture. The Academy organizes and participates in conferences, seminars and workshops dealing with cinema in the field of artistic and artistic education. The Academy also awards European Film Awards annually. The European Film Academy is located in the Kurfurstendamm in Berlin.

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