Play audio on Chromecast-enabled speakers and TVs

Welcome to our latest blog post! Today it is about how to play audio on Chromecast enabled speakers and TVs, Through Google speaker or display. It’s a great way to spread music around the house, all with just one voice command. Whether you’re at home or on the go, our guide will show you how to do everything step by step. So sit back, relax and let us take your audio experience to the next level!

Step 1. Link your speakers and TVs via the Google Home app

When using Chromecast to play audio, linking speakers and TVs through the Google Home app can sometimes seem complicated. But don’t worry, it’s actually very simple!

The first step is to open the app and go to “hardwarego. Then click “AddAnd select if you want to pair a speaker or a TV.

If you choose a speaker, find its name in the list of available devices and click on it to add it to your network. Alternatively, you can also search manually by clicking on “Set other speakersFollow the instructions on the screen.

To add a TV to Chromecast, you must first connect it to a WiFi network. Once done, go back to the main screen of the Google Home app and select the same steps as above for your speakers.

Remember, each device only needs to be paired once; Then, Chromecast automatically recognizes available devices when commands are given. And this was the first step! Now ready to Great audio experiences Everywhere in the house!

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Pair a device with Chromecast

Want to play audio on multiple speakers and TVs with Chromecast? Linking devices via the Google Home app is an essential first step. Fortunately, this process is very simple and quick to complete.

To get started, open the Google Home app on your mobile device and tap the plus icon in the upper left corner to add a new device. then select “Set up the deviceFollow the instructions on the screen to connect the speaker or TV.

Once connected, you can easily stream audio to these devices by “Ok Google, play music [naam van speaker of tv]to a Google speaker or projector screen. This way you can easily enjoy your favorite songs in every room!

But what if there are several people in the house who have different tastes in music? No problem! With multi-room audio, different people can do just that Play the sound at the same time on their paired devices without disturbing each other. This way everyone always has their own soundtrack for every moment of the day!

Therefore, linking speakers and TVs via the Google Home app and Chromecast offers a lot of possibilities Create a personal acoustic atmosphere at home. Curious about other ways to get more control over your audio system? Read on for helpful tips!

Unpair a device

There may be times when you want to unlink a speaker or TV from the Google Home app. This could be, for example, because the device no longer works, or simply because you no longer want to use the link. Fortunately, disengagement is very easy!

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To unpair a device, go to the Google Home app and select the respective device from the list of paired devices. Then press “institutions“then in”Device coupling brokenThen confirm that you are sure this is what you want to do.

Another way to unpair a device is through voice commands to the Google speaker or display. simply sayHey Google, unlink to [naam van het apparaat]”. The device will then immediately disconnect.

Finally, you can also choose to remove all devices from the Google Home app at the same time. So yes, go tohome settings“, then to”assistant“and then to”smart homeHere you can select all paired devices that you want to remove.

By following these simple steps you Get rid of any speaker or TV in no time Which no longer needs to be linked to the Google Home app!

Step 2. Control the sound on your speakers or TVs using voice commands

Now that we’ve linked our speakers and TVs to the Google Home app, we can control the audio with voice commands. This is a useful function when your hands are full or just lazy on the couch.

To play music on a specific device, just say “Hey Google, play [naam van het nummer/album/artiest] locked works [naam van het apparaat]. “The same applies if you want to listen to a radio station,” he says.Hey Google, play [naam van het radiostation] locked works [naam van het apparaat]. “

If you link several speakers, for example in different rooms, you can combine them to play the same sound in all rooms at the same time. To do this, simply say “Hey Google, add [apparaten] togetherThen name the devices to be combined.

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do you prefer Don’t always use voice commands? Then you can also easily control the volume via the Google Home app. Simply open the app and then click on the tab.modesHere you can access all available casting services and choose your favorite content.

These quick and easy ways Control your Chromecast speakers or TVs You will never have to get out of your comfortable position to play something new!

Other ways to control the sound on speakers and TVs

There are several ways to play audio on Chromecast-enabled speakers and TVs through your Google speaker or display. In addition to voice commands, there are other useful options for adjusting the volume, skipping songs, or stopping the music. For example, you can use the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Or use a third-party app like Spotify or YouTube Music and stream directly to your favorite devices.

With these tips, you can now optimally enjoy all your favorite music and podcasts on every speaker and TV in the house. And all with Chromecast!

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