Microsoft is reorganizing, focusing on Windows and Android integration

Microsoft is moving multiple teams into a new business division: Android Microsoft Platform and Experience. Android is playing an increasing role in the future of Windows.

The tech giant brings several Android developers together in a new department. Some developers previously worked in Microsoft Mobile Experiences, a division for both Android and iOS. The new section focuses exclusively on Android and Windows integration.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer, shared the news in an internal note. WindowsCentral got the memo. Microsoft confirmed the reorganization in a official reply

Android and Windows

According to anonymous sources from WindowsCentral, Microsoft has big future plans for Android and Windows. Operating systems will increasingly converge in the coming years, compared to iPhones and Macs.

The new business division is home to teams that previously worked on Android and Windows integration, including Phone Link, Surface Duo OS, and Microsoft Launcher. Phone Link is the new name for your phone. The Windows 11 app allows you to sync photos and notifications between Android and Windows devices.

Reorganization isn’t the only indication of the growing focus on Android. In February, Microsoft introduced more than 1000 Android Apps For Windows users in the US.

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