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Many Belgians are going on vacation this weekend, due to the start of construction leave in large parts of the country. So VAB expects heavy traffic on the main axes in France. Saturday there is classified as a “red” day and immediately the traffic congestion record is already broken. At the busiest time of the day, at 12.05pm, there was at least 1,142 km of traffic congestion on French motorways, according to the VAB Mobility Club report.

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With a congestion of 1,142 km, the record was broken for Saturday 11 July 2020, an exceptional day that witnessed many accidents in France. Then there was a traffic jam with a length of 1.002 km. Before that, the traffic jam record was 994 km, on Black Saturday, August 2, 2014. It is very extraordinary that there are such long traffic jams in France so early in the summer holidays.

On the Route Luxembourg – Lyon – Spanish borderThere is already about a 2.5 hour delay. On the roads Paris – Narbonne via Clermont-FerrandAnd the Lille – Paris – Bordeaux – Spain On Paris – Narbonne via Limoges Additional travel time fluctuates around 2 hours.

The Belgians and the Dutch are not alone on their way to France. With our southern neighbors, summer vacation begins on July 7th, and many French are on their way. A survey shows that up to 85 percent of French people will take a vacation in their country this summer. At the same time, many Flemish people go to destinations that the French also prefer, which are the coast and the mountains. This can make it more stressful.

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The table below from VAB shows the expected traffic congestion on the main holiday hubs in France. The Mobility Club recommends Correct departure time So as not to hit the red moments on the indicated tracks.

On these roads and at these times, VAB expect traffic jams in France this weekend. © VAB

Meanwhile, holiday traffic has started in Germany, with delays especially in the south of the country towards Austria and Switzerland. The biggest delay is the return of vacationers from Switzerland: they must take into account the additional 1 hour and 20 minutes between Basel and Karlsruhe.

Also keep in mind that the A3 will be closed next night due to road works. Concretely, the motorway between Nuremberg and Erlangen-Tinenloh will be closed from 10pm on Saturday night until 6am on Sunday.

VAB also warns of heavy traffic on local roads With our eastern neighbors, because many Germans will spend their holidays in their own country.

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(archive image) © Nortje Palmers

in Italy on Via Como – Florence via Milan You lose an hour and a half. Italy is once again a more popular summer holiday destination. So the Flemish Mobility Organization does not rule out the possibility of even busier traffic this year.

in Switzerland on Basel-Como road via the Gotthard tunnel There is a delay of more than an hour.

In Austria, you have to take into account 40 minutes of downtime for Karawankentunnel The direction of Slovenia is at Villach (A11). There is a delay of 20 minutes in B179 Fernpassroute In Innsbruck towards Italy.

Also be prepared for potential additional waiting times due to border controls between Austria and Slovenia and between Slovenia and Croatia.

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