It’s cucumber season and I have questions about zucchini swings

The holidays are in full swing, but the rain continues to fall and flow into unfathomable depths. People indulge in baking and playing, they are powerless to give their children a happy future. I read somewhere “narcissists turn the world upside down”. This sounds like a clich√©, but the bad thing about cliches is that there is usually a lot of truth in them.

As the cat watches a pigeon in the garden, I ask Google about the mysterious meaning of 3M. It stands for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Corporation. I knew him from duct tape and scotch, but it turns out he’s a specialist in environmental pollution. I was naive enough to think this tape brings the world together.

The group, which now employs just under a hundred thousand people, began producing sandpaper in 1902. It is not mentioned whether it was coarse or fine. However, it is best not to eat vegetables from your own garden if you live in Wittren, Zuigendrecht or indeed anywhere else.

It’s cucumber season and I have questions about zucchini flips: This can be a typical example of sarcasm. In my dream last night it was about that other scourge of which only half survived. A different kind of Covid-19 emerged in Gullegem, where I spent most of my childhood. In order not to offend Gullegemnaren, we were urged to use the theta variable name. In my dream, someone said on the radio that the theta variety propagates a bull plow.

I think it is a beautiful word, and when I look for it it turns out that it is there. The Greeks once wrote in the form of an insect: a line from right to left, the next line from left to right, then right to left, etc. I must have heard that somewhere, it’s amazing how suddenly it pops up from your subconscious. In the Interpretation of dreams By Sigmund Freud It never occurred to me that plowing with oxen.

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Today I am awake happily, and on the radio Edith Piaf sings that she does not regret anything at all. The pigeons in the garden now began to fly. The cat seems upset and I have the impression that she does not like Edith Piaf. Although they can hear softer sounds twenty times as much as a human, relying on a cat’s musical tastes is unwise. After all, they’re still creatures that chew smelly bits and stop breathing one day. A friend’s cat died unexpectedly this week, just seven years old. My friend sent: “She looked like she was sleeping, but her eyes were kept open.” The day before, the cat had quickly jumped on a pile of maritime law books.

We are never safe‘, someone else said to me on the phone. It meant the coast wasn’t really safe and your sheep wasn’t quite on dry land. I found this truth like a cow. However, there are dream images I want to keep believing in. A cat has nine lives. Everyone has The right to grow a healthy cucumber in his own garden.

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