Protest the filling and splitting of Beckfally’s in Rumbek

At the corner of Oekensestraat and the ring road, Natuurpunt needed to fill and divide the river valley along Babilliebeek.

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“As a city, we must be prepared for our climate to become wetter, drier and hotter due to rising carbon dioxide,” says Peter Huntson of Natuurpunt Mandelstreke. This last 7-hectare natural valley along Babilliebeek is an inexpensive water buffer. Partially filled out without a permit and will be split in the future. It seems that everything inside the ring should be covered with concrete. The bottleneck in the full Mandel Valley makes the situation of Roeselare even more problematic. ”This last natural valley of 7 hectares along Babilliebeek is a cheap water buffer.“ Habitat destruction, fragmentation and pollution are the main causes of biodiversity loss in Belgium, which is what It is evident by filling and slicing, ”says Peter Desmitt of Leefmilieu Roeselare. Saturn Demer’s blue bargain contains seventy action points with six paths.“ One of them is that we have to create more wet nature again. In the past 50 years, 75% of it has disappeared. Swamps and pools should be restored and we can definitely make it happen in this valley. The area of ​​2 hectares of green spaces that the city plans to establish in this valley is not enough. ”Integrated project“ We propose an integrated project that is concerned with climate, biodiversity, social aspect and tourism. “The City of Roeselaar could re-employ the residential expansion area with a green RUP that brings all these jobs together,” says Peter. This valley helps preserve the possibility of living in the city. It has great natural value and is a historical legacy. These lowland meadows overflow during heavy rains and thus help prevent floods elsewhere in the city. Since this area is so low, the water has a chance to penetrate into the soil and because it is very rich in water, it reduces the temperature during heat waves. It’s the only place within the ring where you can still find old wet straw meadows with special plant species. Rare breeding birds make their nests here. The kestrel comes to hunt and you will find wood and hunting. This area must be absolutely protected. It is important to the physical and mental health of everyone. “The proposals“ digging up fillings and restoring the western historic pastures of about 3 hectares to their original condition, ”says Peter. This also applies to the recent dumping of soil and large quantities of plant material at the eastern edge of the meadow. To the valley stream and not to the sewage system. The water infiltration into the groundwater can be enhanced, which also nullifies the thermal effect of the new allocation. Provide a green and noise barrier along the Oekensestraat and finally the Babilliebeek water purification work. Environmental restoration of the basins in the existing amphibian protection function, From Plaatsebeek and in collaboration with SMEs to promote the green buffer zone on the other side of Babilliebeek. We propose to give a new job to the historic farm buildings and creatively fill the bicycle connection along the canyon. Perhaps the architectural competition for three solid houses on the northern edge of the low western meadow could be an inspiring opportunity. ” .

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