Eurovision Song Contest: And Winner

It is pleasure, it is misery and laughter: it is Eurovision Song Festival It’s over in Rotterdam! The winner of the music scene is known. The following Eurovision Song Contest Happening … Italy! The Italian rock band Maneskin won a lot of spectator points and won the time victory against France.

Eurovision Song Contest: Results

For a long time, France and Switzerland were bound by arbitration, and Malta was in a dangerous backward position. There were also some notable moments in the announcement of the scores! That’s how Iceland went down in style Eurovision: The Story of the Fire Saga!

The Italian acting singer was very excited about Maneskin’s scores, and he picked up the South American marching powder. He will then prove that he needs it!

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Eurovision audiences are having a hard time!

After the jury scores, Switzerland, France and Malta topped the list. United Kingdom scored 0 points from the referee and the public. Germany, Spain and the Netherlands also received 0 points from the audience, but fortunately they have already collected some.

Ukraine suddenly became a dangerous rival because they got a lot of points from the audience. After Italy made a tremendous leap in the rankings and topped the public vote with 524 points, it was special because the professional referee did not think the rock action was too impressive. Malta fell after a disappointing score, with France missing out on Italy. In the end, Switzerland did not get enough points!

Italy wins Eurovision Song Contest

In 2022 it will be Eurovision Song Festival Thus held in Italy. Maybe Davina Michael has one more hole in her agenda? In the semifinals he made a huge impact on the audience, and he will love it!

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Jing Macroy finished it Eurovision Song Contest 23rd, ahead of Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. It is certain that Italy will be disqualified for doping use, but that will not make the final score the best for the Netherlands.

Stefania Libertacakis, a Dutchman who represented Greece, finished tenth. The other big winner Eurovision Song Contest Nicky de Jagger: She showed the world what she had to offer.

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