Every day nearly five hundred passengers travel from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands right Now

Every day an average of 460 passengers come to the Netherlands from various airports in the United Kingdom (United Kingdom). A Schiphol spokesperson said this to NU.nl on Thursday when asked, based on last week’s numbers.

Last week, nearly three thousand passengers traveled daily via Schiphol to and from the UK. Most of them travel through Schiphol and thus come from another country or continue their journey to another country.

In the House of Representatives, there are votes to deal with flights from the UK. The Cabinet does not currently support the flight ban.

In the past week, an average of thirty flights were taken from Schiphol to airports in the United Kingdom and nearly the same number went the other way. An average of 460 passengers arrived from the UK each day and it was Amsterdam their final destination.

Around 2,000 switches in Schiphol to and from the UK

An average of three hundred passengers traveled from Schiphol to the airports on the other side of the canal. The spokesman said, “About two thousand passengers have transportation in Schiphol to and from the United Kingdom.”

Last year, in the same period, this included nearly 25,000 passengers traveling between Schiphol and the United Kingdom. KLM operates most of the flights between Schiphol and the United Kingdom.

In December, when the British variant of the Coronavirus first appeared, a flight ban was imposed. This was true until January 1.

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