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Zwolle – Youth health and youth sport: two important topics that are also closely related.
Different parties in Zwolle are working on these topics, but together they work better, faster and
They reach more young people. As partners, they joined forces on March 24, 2022 in order to
Strengthening interrelationships and networking through today’s theme ‘Every Young Man in Zwolle
healthy and active” at the Academy House in Zwolle.

topic day

Today’s topic started by practicing health, sports and exercise in cooperation
With a youth lecturer at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.
With this topic day, we were able to connect with different partners in
The area, but above all with the people we do it for: Zwolle guys. make together
We are part of a series of organizations, foundations, associations and agencies that work together
For the same goal: every young person in Zwolle is healthy and active! ‘ says Marieki Fix, practitioner
Health, sports and exercise practitioner.

Today, the theme “Every young man in Zwolle is healthy and active” is made possible in part by Zwolle partners.
Healthy city, municipality of Zwolle, Professor of Physical Education at Windsheim University of Applied Sciences, Youth Sports
Centrum, Travers, GGD IJsselland, and SportService Zwolle.

Doing health, sports and exercise

The Practoraat Health, Sport and Exercise, whose launch was celebrated during the theme day, is
Commissioned by the educational organization Landstede Groep. The practitioner is committed to
Practice-oriented research to stimulate and promote (future) health and
Welfare of Landstede Groep students and staff. In addition, she is committed
Adaptation of professional education to social developments, so that students
The (future) profession and its associated requirements and expectations.

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